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Press Release:

Industry Partner WellTrackOne: Maximizing Revenue and Health

In 2013 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services began paying for an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), however, only about 15% of Medicare patients currently receive this examination in a way that captures full reimbursement and meets best practice.

WellTrackONE, Washington Hospital Services’ newest Industry Partner, helps organizations maximize AWV revenue and manage Medicare patients’ health.


Read the Press Release Here.

Industry News:
Use Annual Wellness Exams to Detect Cognitive Impairment



A new report from The Gerontological Society provides guidance to physicians when they perform annual wellness visits (AWV) on Medicare beneficiaries.


A significant benefit of the 2010 Affordable Care Act has been the elimination of copays and deductibles when Medicare beneficiaries receive an annual wellness assessment with their primary care provider.


Although the detection of cognitive impairment is among items to be assessed during the annual wellness exam, a dedicated tool for this purpose is not mandated.

Read the article here

Survey: Healthcare Executives See Population Health Management Investment Recouped Within 4 Years



Preventative Care Benefits

 – More than a third of the survey’s respondents (36 percent) said the biggest clinical benefit derived from population health management will come from preventive care. 

- Developing evidenced-based clinical protocols to improve the efficiency of care was the second biggest response (23 percent) among the healthcare managers and executives surveyed, followed by managing chronic diseases (21 percent).

Read the rest of this article here.

Industry News:

10 Population Health Trend to Watch in 2015

#3: Value of Annual Wellness Visits

More accountable care organizations (ACOs) are beginning to understand the value ofCMS annual wellness visits to promote preventive care and population health. Annual wellness visits don’t require a copay and can be performed by a non-physician care team member.

Despite these advantages, annual wellness visits have been under-used to date. Many of the ACOs we work with have highlighted the importance of annual wellness visits for their 2015 strategy.


Read More Here.

Consumer News:

Health Risk Assessment a key to wellness [Senior Circles]

Are you aware that under Medicare you are entitled to an annual wellness visit to your primary care physician once every 12 months? Even though Medicare does not cover a routine physical exam, it does pay for the annual wellness visit, which comes under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (health care reform law).


Read More Here.

Industry News:

Medicare annual wellness visits conducted
by a pharmacist in an internal medicine clinic



The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) established
Medicare Part B coverage of an annual wellness visit (AWV) at no cost to eligible beneficiaries. Coverage for the AWV took effect on January 1, 2011, and is consistent with the PPACA’s emphasis on preventive health care measures, including health promotion and disease detection.

Read the report here.



WellTrackONE News:
Q&A with our President/CEO

After reading through the Affordable Care Act -- all 974 pages -- three-time health-care entrepreneur Peter Bechtel came across a code requiring physicians to perform an annual wellness visit for every Medicare patient. That means doctors would have to check a patient's functional ability, safety, cognition and possible depression symptoms every year. Bechtel didn't believe busy physicians would possibly have time to conduct these appointments and then input the answers into Medicare software. So he launched WellTrackONE, a service that allows physicians to schedule and document results of all wellness visits. 

Q: What drew you to this industry?
A: Healthcare has a lot of innovations. With one act being passed, the cap blew off the kettle and entrepreneurs are seeing chances to make healthcare more efficient.

Q: What resources have helped you the most in starting up?
A: Having a team comprised of experienced business and medical people. We got bootstrapped to handle the first customers. We never lost a customer, and we get four to five new contracts a week.

Q: What is your best advice for fellow entrepreneurs looking to get started in this industry?
A: Become an expert in healthcare and become empathetic. See the problem through the eyes of the customers.


From http://protecttheconsumer.org/invitation-Norvege.html.

Industry News:

Advancing the Chronic Care Management Fee, Telemedicine


From AAFP. org:

"Family physicians applaud the planned payment of a new chronic care management (CCM) code," said Wergin in the statement, "because it is a step toward recognizing the value of the often complicated clinical oversight that -- although needed by many Medicare beneficiaries -- requires significant clinical time outside the exam room."

Wergin referred to the fact that, beginning in 2015, CMS will pay $42.60 for a "one-per-month, per-patient CCM code." And rather than using its proposed "G" code to report CCM services, the agency changed course in the final rule to allow physicians to utilize CPT code 99490 for CCM reporting purposes.

"As a result of implementing payment for this code, elderly and disabled patients will have better access to the care they need to reduce and avoid complications of their conditions and expenses that come with treating such complications," said Wergin.

CMS also nixed its initial proposal that would have required physicians to use 2014 certified technology to bill for CCM services. Instead, physicians will be able to use whatever certified EHR version they were using on Dec. 31 of the previous calendar year to do so.

While CMS strongly recommends that a provider furnish an Annual Wellness Visit (HCPCS G0438, G0439) or an initial preventive physical exam (G0402) to the beneficiary, there are no prerequisite services required to bill for CCM.

Press Release:

WellTrackONE Endorsed by MHA Ventures


Hilton Head Island – December 17, 2014 – WellTrackONE Corporation with offices in Hilton Head, SC, New York, NY and San Antonio, TX announced today that is has been officially endorsed by MHA Ventures, Inc., a subsidiary of MHA…An Association of Montana Health Care Providers, to offer Montana hospitals and their physicians an Annual Wellness Visit solution for their Medicare patients.


Read the Press Release Here

Industry News:

There's more to Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit

With coding and payment policy regarding the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) constantly changing and updating, office staff and clinicians can benefit from a refresher course about how to code claims correctly for prompt payment.

Read More Here.

Industry News:
12 Changes That Will Affect Doctors' Income in 2015


Get Ready for Some Big Changes in 2015
The new year will bring several developments, some of which may be troubling to physicians, and others that may bring welcome news. These changes can affect physicians' incomes to varying degrees and are likely to have at least some effect on many or most practices. The following list highlights these upcoming challenges. See which ones may affect you, and what you should watch out for.


Read More Here.


Coding News:

CMS News: New CPT Code

The big news for primary care practices is that CMS has finalized rules for paying for another non-face-to-face service, chronic care management. And, instead of developing a HCPCS code, CMS is using a new CPT code. Everyone can read the rules in their 2015 CPT book. The code is 99490 and it is out of sequence. I've written about it on my blog, and you can read it here.

Press Release: Medicare Advantage Enrollment at All-Time High, Premiums Remain Affordable

In a September CMS news release, they state that through July 2014 "more than 2.6 million took advantage of the Annual Wellness Visit". That would indicate to us that 2.6M of 40 million eligible beneficiaries accessed the visit for a single digit penetration rate. 


Press Release: WellTrackONE Partners with 1DocWay


Hilton Head Island – November 19, 2014 – WellTrackONE Corporation with offices in Hilton Head, SC, New York and San Antonio, TX announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with 1DocWay of New York and Seattle.  The partnership falls under the “Clinical Triggers Selecttm” program offered by WellTrackONE where select partners are integrated into the WellTrackONE Clinical Triggers system which is part of the Annual Wellness Visit system for Medicare patients.


Read the Press Release Here

Industry News:
Medicare Explains the AWV


Yearly "Wellness" Visits: If you've had Part B for longer than 12 months, you can get this visit to develop or update a personalized prevention help plan to prevent disease and disability based on your current health and risk factors. Your provider will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, called a “Health Risk Assessment,” as part of this visit. Answering these questions can help you and your provider develop a personalized prevention plan to help you stay healthy and get the most out of your visit.


 Read More Here


WellTrackONE News:
Clinical Triggers


We have officially released our WellTrackONE tablet version with Clinical Triggers.  Also, we've released WellTrackONE Reportal and WellTrackONE CCD Extractor.


WellTrackONE News: 

HCC Risk Adjustment

Read our position paper that describes our innovative approach to helping risk-based organizations (Medicare Advantage Plans, etc) increase their HCC Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) Scores significantly.


WellTrackONE News:
Exam Room Training Video

We recently completed a 30-minute exam room training video for nurses, CMAs, mid-levels, etc who complete the WellTrackONE visits.  Contact your Account Manager today for access information to this very informative video for your clinical staff.


Coding News:
WellTrackONE has a new Coding page

Now, get the latest coding help for your Annual Wellness Visits from our coding expert, Mary Lindahl.
New Blog WellTrackONE has started a Blog.  Check it out here!

WellTrackONE News:

Venture Capital Round Closed


WellTrackONE completed its Series A Venture Capital round of financing on March 13, 2014.  Led by New York Venture Capital firm Easton Capital, the deal was syndicated with BioAdvance of Philadelphia and JumpStart Ventures of Chicago, IL.  WellTrackONE will use the funds to expand sales and marketing throughout the United States and add technologies to its flagship data management system.


Read more here.

Q&A for AWV


Questions and Answers about the Annual Wellness Visit - very informative - a MUST read for Office Managers and Administrators. 


Read more.

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